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About Us

Read Optics provide quality ready to wear reading glasses at affordable prices. Our eyewear collection is carefully selected to give customers the latest fashion and functionality. This includes:
Classic, stylish and fashionable readers, great for everyday wear.
Convenient folding reading glasses, compact glasses and slim pocket readers, easy to carry so a great DIY, sport and travel accessory. 
UV400 reading sunglasses and clip on sunglasses, that provide safe protection for those sunny days.
Blue light blocking glasses, with anti-glare lenses, which protect your eyes from digital devices and enhance your well-being.
We have a friendly and experienced customer service team, who are on hand to help answer your questions and provide any advice you need. Read our feedback and reviews and purchase your next pair of reading glasses with confidence.
All our ready to wear readers are for near vision and reading only, and conform to BS EN 14139:2010. They are different from prescription spectacles and are not suitable for driving, vehicle operation or distance. Remember only regular professional eye care examinations can determine your visual needs.
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