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About Us

ReadOptics.com is an online ready-to-wear reading glasses retailer, offering the consumer a one-stop-shop for optical quality, affordable and fashionable reading glasses.

We understand the importance of eye care and that vision is one of our most precious senses. We work with the utmost diligence to design and create ready-to-wear reading glasses which are completely safe, will not harm your eyes and will make no permanent changes to your eyes.

Ready-to-wear reading glasses are different from prescription spectacles which are tailor made to correct individual sight problems such as long or short sightedness. Reading glasses are not intended to correct such sight problems.

We spend our days designing and sourcing the best, most affordable frames to suit your everyday needs. Our products are sourced from credible suppliers and our in-house design team oversee all stages of production, to bring you the most comfortable and wearable new frames at the best prices.

Whether you need reading glasses for general use, evening reading or reading in the bright sunshine...we hope you’ll find your next pair here with us!