Make Up Tips for Eyeglass Wearing Ladies


Women who wear spectacles or reading glasses often struggle with their eye makeup. Concerns include smudged mascara on the inside of lenses, not wanting to draw attention to the eyes and general worries that makeup and glasses do not mix well. We have therefore researched and compiled some top tips to make your mornings that bit easier when deciding whether or not to wear makeup with your glasses.

Keep your eye makeup neutral and save the bright colours for your lips.
Mascara will not stick against the lenses in your glasses – this is a myth. Mascara highlights your eyes and makes them stand out from behind your glasses, so get applying!
Use gel liner. This will stay in place and is one of the best liners for glasses wearers.
If you wear thick framed glasses then your eyeliner should reflect that. So, be bold with your eyeliner as well as your glasses.
The same goes for smaller, thinner frames. Apply your eyeliner finely to mimic your frames.
Blusher helps give the face more definition. So, get a warm summer glow by applying pink on the apples of your cheeks.
Glasses magnify your eyes a little, so add some shimmer to your bottom lid to make them look brighter.
Shape and define your eyebrows by adding a little eyeliner pencil along your brows, this helps frame your eyes and glasses.
If your glasses make your eyes look smaller, make sure they look strong by using eyeliner all around your eyes.
If your glasses make your eyes look larger, use a small amount of liner but not all the way around.

If you buy new frames, spend time in front of a mirror playing around with different eye make up to see what looks best as different shaped frames give different looks and effects to your face. If you have any more tips, please share them with us.

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