Celebrity ‘Eye’ Candy – The Men


When it comes to wearing glasses and choosing the right frames to suit your face, some celebrities just get it right. We have selected a few male celebrities who we think not only made the right choice of glasses but also can pretty much carry anything off. Some of the ladies in the Read Optics office have been vying for their choices to be posted. We had to narrow it down somehow, so for all of those male celebrities that didn’t make it this time, well…maybe next time!RO_CELEB_EYECANDY_310714_2



Who do you think we missed off the list? Do you have a favourite from the above? Come on ladies, let us know your thoughts. And a message to all of our male blog readers, don’t worry… we shall soon be asking the guys in our office to shortlist their favourite female celebrity spectacle wearers. Please be patient, this may take them some time. In the meantime though, we thought a little ‘eye’ candy for the ladies would be just the thing to make you smile and get you through the rest of the week.

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