Ridiculous Summer Accessories You Will Never Want or Need


We are all aware of the dangers of sunlight. We love the summertime but know that we should always use suncream to avoid burning, protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays by wearing good quality sunglasses and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. But some people take things just that little too far. Check out some of the ridiculous summer accessories we found available on the internet lately. I am not sure abut you but if we ever came across anybody using any of these, we would definitely give them a wide berth!

RO_RIDICULOUS ACCESS_230714_2LEFT: Singol-yoaoo Swim Cap face Mask
This rather fetching face mask / swimming cap is designed with UV protection material and comes in a variety of bright colors. We are not sure whether this is an accessory to commit bank robberies or not but it is pretty frightening. If you saw someone swimming with this you would definitely look for the quickest escape route.  More info.
RIGHT: Coolibar Face Sun Shield
No, it’s not a surgical mask. It’s a sun shield that will give you ultimate face protection. The shield has loops that slide onto the arms of your glasses. Again, no idea why you would need this unless you have an intensely negative reaction to the sun More info.

RO_RIDICULOUS ACCESS_230714_3Zebco 220 Umbrella and Shelter
Tent or umbrella? Let’s just call it a tentbrella. If you really want to hide from the sun, here’s your go-to accessory. Not only will it protect you from the heat, but also keep you dry on rainy beach days. This accessory is a little more understandable, especially if you have children and want to provide them with some shade during the hottest times of the day. More info.


We know, we know the word mullet is enough to have us rolling our eyes, laughing and for some….recoiling from bad hair memories. The sun mullet apparently offers unique sun protection and is made of lightweight,  UPF 50+ material. Their sun shade accessories are designed to work with any headwear or eyewear. If you really don’t care what you look like and you really need to protect your neck (perhaps on long journeys in hot climates), then this accessory may be for you.  More info.

What do you think of these ridiculous accessories? Would you wear them or use them? What would you think if you saw somebody with one of the above? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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