5 Ridiculous Travel Accessories You Will Never Need (Or Want)

RO_RIDICULOUS_ACCESS_090914Further to our post “Ridiculous Summer Accessories You Will Never Want or Need”, which looked at some ridiculous summer accessories for the beach, comes our next post about ridiculous travel accessories. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, we tend to analyse our packing list, pack and unpack several times before we are satisfied. Space saving accessories and those that can be used for multiple tasks are the best things to take but we are not sure about the following items. If you own any of these items we would love to find out if you have ever used them and in what capacity. What are YOUR thoughts on these ridiculous travel accessories?

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RO_RIDICULOUS_ACCESS_090914_2The “Motorized Scooter Suitcase”

RO_RIDICULOUS_ACCESS_090914_3The “Portable Bidet in a Bottle”

RO_RIDICULOUS_ACCESS_090914_4The “Ostrich Pillow”

RO_RIDICULOUS_ACCESS_090914_5The “Washable Plane Seat Covers” and the “Inflatable Weights”……why?

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