Apple Watch – Yes or No?


The Apple watch is due to hit the market early 2015. The images, already all over the internet, show the watch as an elegant, useful and stunning device. Rumours abound about the cost but it seems this watch can be yours for around £200-£250. So, will you be reaching into your wallet to pay this for Apple’s newest piece of technology?

Though we love gadgets and all things which make life simpler in today’s busy world, we think this could actually make life worse. Though the watch can regulate calorie consumption, your movements, and can keep you in touch with your friends around the clock, this sounds like a recipe for even more stress. Surely we need a little less technology in our lives, not more. A recent study found that white collar executives are chained to their email 13.5 hours a day. So, why do we need a more efficient way to get our emails delivered?

And so for now, I probably won’t be purchasing the Apple Watch—or any smartwatch for that matter, but I am interested in where these devices may be headed. What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch?

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