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Happy Halloween – From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

We are celebrating the dark, sinister and haunting time of year – Halloween. Want to get your hands on a pair of LED night reading glasses? The sun is slowly fading and the nights are drawing in so grab a pair of these LED reading glasses and continue to read into the wee small hours. RT & Follow us on Twitter @ReadOptics to be in with a chance!! One winner chosen every 2 days for 10 days, so be sure to follow! Or as Edgar Allan Poe so eloquently puts... Read More

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Coming Soon – Read Optics New Lightweight Frames

We have been working on some new styles for Autumn / Winter and we think they’re pretty cool. Berry colours, tortoiseshell, black and crystals will all be available in extra super-lightweight frames. We call them pod styles as they will slide easily into a very handy and protective pod. What do you think? These new frames should be available this winter on our site. Sign up for our newsletter at for the latest news on these and other new frames available soon.

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5 Ridiculous Travel Accessories You Will Never Need (Or Want)

Further to our post “Ridiculous Summer Accessories You Will Never Want or Need”, which looked at some ridiculous summer accessories for the beach, comes our next post about ridiculous travel accessories. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, we tend to analyse our packing list, pack and unpack several times before we are satisfied. Space saving accessories and those that can be used for multiple tasks are the best things to take but we are not sure about the following items. If you own any of these items we would love... Read More


Men’s Styling – Autumn 2014

Well, the summer is finally bowing out and saying farewell. Many of us are placing our summer clothing in the back of our wardrobes and jackets and shoes are replacing shorts and t-shirts. We have taken a new look at some Autumn fashion shots from catwalks and the streets of some of the most fashionable cities and just love some of the seasons styling for men. Pairing jackets over lightweight sweaters or shirts looks stylish and contemporary, especially when worn with elegant, classic reading glasses. Browse our selection of men’s... Read More

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Air Rage – Flying Not Crying

A few days ago a US airline had to divert a plane after a row broke out over a passenger using a device to prevent the seat infront of them from reclining. I know that I have had many situations where the seat infront has reclined and it felt like the person was almost lying on my lap. Personal space is a major issue for people, especially on long-haul flights where the confinement and length of flight can really be an issue for some people. This particular incident began when... Read More


Top 10 Sexy Female Celebrity Glasses Wearers

Well, the guys in our office have spent the weekend deliberating over their choices of their favourite female celebrity glasses wearers. I must add that it became a little bit of a heated debate first thing this morning, but one thing they did actually agree on was the inclusion of a certain Ms. Fox. No surprises there I suppose! Megan Fox Cate Blanchett Jennifer Aniston Karlie Kloss Leona Lewis Jenny McCarthy Anne Hathaway Rashida Jones Alicia Keys Amanda Peet So, gentlemen…what are your thoughts? Do you have a different top... Read More

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One Day A Podcast Saved My Life

We all know how brain numbing and basically….tedious the daily commute to work can be. Whether you’re driving in your car and stuck in traffic or rammed on slow and jam-packed public transport, the following podcasts have helped some of our Read Optics team during their daily slog into the happy and fun workplace that we call the Read Optics HQ (ok, so maybe it’s not ALWAYS 100% happy and fun). If you have any great podcasts to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Let’s cheer... Read More

Celebrity ‘Eye’ Candy – The Men

When it comes to wearing glasses and choosing the right frames to suit your face, some celebrities just get it right. We have selected a few male celebrities who we think not only made the right choice of glasses but also can pretty much carry anything off. Some of the ladies in the Read Optics office have been vying for their choices to be posted. We had to narrow it down somehow, so for all of those male celebrities that didn’t make it this time, well…maybe next time! Who do... Read More

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Ridiculous Summer Accessories You Will Never Want or Need

We are all aware of the dangers of sunlight. We love the summertime but know that we should always use suncream to avoid burning, protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays by wearing good quality sunglasses and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. But some people take things just that little too far. Check out some of the ridiculous summer accessories we found available on the internet lately. I am not sure abut you but if we ever came across anybody using any of these, we would... Read More

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Travelling Light – Compact and Waterproof

If you are like us here at Read Optics, you’ll love your gadgets and gizmos. Among the team are avid photographers (though amateur), passionate water sports fanatics and the one slightly hippy traveller. We are all thinking of our next holiday and further to discussions and comparing of our latest gadgets, we have compiled a few items here to share with you. You might find them handy on your trips this summer. They are all useful in some way, whether compact and lightweight or completely waterproof…..all will make your travel... Read More