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Ridiculous Summer Accessories You Will Never Want or Need

We are all aware of the dangers of sunlight. We love the summertime but know that we should always use suncream to avoid burning, protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays by wearing good quality sunglasses and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. But some people take things just that little too far. Check out some of the ridiculous summer accessories we found available on the internet lately. I am not sure abut you but if we ever came across anybody using any of these, we would... Read More

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Travelling Light – Compact and Waterproof

If you are like us here at Read Optics, you’ll love your gadgets and gizmos. Among the team are avid photographers (though amateur), passionate water sports fanatics and the one slightly hippy traveller. We are all thinking of our next holiday and further to discussions and comparing of our latest gadgets, we have compiled a few items here to share with you. You might find them handy on your trips this summer. They are all useful in some way, whether compact and lightweight or completely waterproof…..all will make your travel... Read More

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Tour de France Stages and the “Selfie” Craze

The Tour de France 2014 is well under way. It kicked off on Saturday 5th July in Leeds and ended in Harrogate, covering 190KM. Stage 2 saw the riders cycle from York to Sheffield covering 201KM and yesterday saw the riders cycle from Cambridge to London covering a distance of 155KM. Today sees them covering a distance of 163.5KM from Le Touquet-Paris-Plage to Lille Métropole. Have you been keeping up with the latest news? You can keep up to date by reading the latest here. Or click here to keep... Read More


4th of July Celebrations and Silliness

The 4th of July is a day for Americans to celebrate their Declaration of Independence and generally take the day off to spend it with friends family and loved ones. Fireworks, food and silly costumes are the norm. Most Americans like to think of themselves as true patriots, but until you dye your mustache, or turn your dog into Uncle Sam, it seems you’re merely just an average American. Want to learn more about the history of the 4th of July? Click here for the USA government site to read... Read More

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Tricks for 4 Eyes

Although wearing reading glasses has its benefits — like, you know, help you to see — they can also put a burden on your daily life. People who wear glasses face annoyances and struggles that people with perfect sight just don’t understand: a misty rain coating your freshly wiped spectacles, a greasy smudge in a dark movie theatre or showering blind. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help keep these daily irritations to a minimum, so you can go about your day streak/squint-free and get back to... Read More

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Summer Solstice 2014: 5 Facts To Know About The First Day Of Summer

Dust off your swimsuits, clean that BBQ and grab your sunglasses or tinted reading glasses, becasue the summer if finally here. This Saturday, June 21st, marks the first official day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Did you know, that the summer solstice, as it is called, is the longest day of the year? Here are 5 interesting facts to know about the first day of summer: When does the summer solstice begin, exactly? In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice begins at 6:51 a.m. EDT on June 21, officially... Read More


NEW Unisex Compact Readers

We would like to introduce you to yet another new member to our collection…….the Read Optics Unisex Matt Gunmetal Compact Reading Glass complete with Black Rubberised Protective Case. This little discreet case holds a foldaway reading glass in a matt gunmetal finish. This frame is also a half frame which means once again, they are lightweight and delicate and extremely stylish. The arms are telescopic so they can be folded down to a very small size and put back into the protective case. This protective case has a pop up... Read More


NEW Womens Compact Readers with Vanity Mirror

We would like to introduce you to our newest member…….the Read Optics Compact Reading Glass with Purple Matt Rubberised Case with pop-up Vanity Make-Up Mirror. This little discreet case holds a foldaway reading glass in a metallic subtle purple colour. The frame is a half frame which means they are lightweight and delicate and extremely stylish. The arms are telescopic so they can be folded down to a very small size and put back into the protective case. This protective case also has a small pop-up vanity mirror, ideal for... Read More


Who Wears Tinted Reading Glasses?

So, who exactly wears tinted reading glasses? Have you ever wondered why you would need tinted reading glasses, or in fact, who on earth wears them? We all know Sir Elton John is renowned for his tinted specs and he’s not always that subtle. His over-sized over-the-top frames may have had some negative effect on the tinted reading glasses world and so we have decided to make them cool again. Celebrities do wear them and not only do we think they are bringing them back into the cool stratosphere but... Read More

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Considering Clip-Ons – Sun Readers

Considering clip-ons? Don’t know what clip-ons are? Seen them on glasses but weren’t sure what they were? Read Optics clip-ons are a clip on lens which can be attached to existing glasses. Whether your glasses are plastic, metal, half rimmed or rimless reading glasses, our clip-ons will attach to the bridge area to provide 100% UV Protection against the sun’s harmful rays. With premium quality spring-bridge mechanism and a smoke polarized lens, these clip ons are ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, skiing or driving. Polarized lenses may... Read More