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Top 10 Sexy Female Celebrity Glasses Wearers

Well, the guys in our office have spent the weekend deliberating over their choices of their favourite female celebrity glasses wearers. I must add that it became a little bit of a heated debate first thing this morning, but one thing they did actually agree on was the inclusion of a certain Ms. Fox. No surprises there I suppose! Megan Fox Cate Blanchett Jennifer Aniston Karlie Kloss Leona Lewis Jenny McCarthy Anne Hathaway Rashida Jones Alicia Keys Amanda Peet So, gentlemen…what are your thoughts? Do you have a different top... Read More

Celebrity ‘Eye’ Candy – The Men

When it comes to wearing glasses and choosing the right frames to suit your face, some celebrities just get it right. We have selected a few male celebrities who we think not only made the right choice of glasses but also can pretty much carry anything off. Some of the ladies in the Read Optics office have been vying for their choices to be posted. We had to narrow it down somehow, so for all of those male celebrities that didn’t make it this time, well…maybe next time! Who do... Read More

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Tricks for 4 Eyes

Although wearing reading glasses has its benefits — like, you know, help you to see — they can also put a burden on your daily life. People who wear glasses face annoyances and struggles that people with perfect sight just don’t understand: a misty rain coating your freshly wiped spectacles, a greasy smudge in a dark movie theatre or showering blind. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help keep these daily irritations to a minimum, so you can go about your day streak/squint-free and get back to... Read More


Amazon Dominated Online Retail Sales in 2013

Amazon’s 2013 e-commerce sales totaled more than those of nine other largest U.S. merchants, combined, according to data from Internet Retailer an e-commerce research firm. The online retail giant topped the charts at $67.9 billion — that’s $49.6 billion more than the second-largest online retailer, Apple, which clocked in at $18.3 billion. Traditional big-box chains such as Walmart and Staples took third and fourth place, respectively. Netflix, at no. 7, also cracked the top 10 with $4.4 billion. Dell came in at no. 10 with $3.6 billion. Our Read Optics... Read More


Happy Easter – Creme Egg with All Orders

We have been together some time now and I thought it was about time to ask you something. Since meeting you, I have seen the world clearer, everything seems to be in focus now and I don’t ever want to lose that feeling. So, I wanted to ask you a question……..will you? Will you……. be ordering online www.readoptics.com this week? As an Easter thank you to ALL customers this week we will be including a Cadbury’s Creme Egg with ALL orders. Happy Easter!


GIFs That Jump off Your Screen without 3D Glasses

Stand back, because these GIFs really pop. Using a simple optical illusion, some clever artists have made your everyday GIFs look 3D — except better, because you don’t need big plastics eyewear frames to enjoy them. So how does it work? By placing vertical white lines on the image, it establishes a marker for the foreground of the image. Basically, you are tricking your brain into thinking that the lines are closer to you than the image itself, so when an object crosses in front of the line your brain... Read More

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How to Choose Glasses by Your Eye Colour

There are many factors that go into choosing the right reading glass frames. You can look at your face shape,  skin tone, hair color, and of course — personality. There is no magic formula…but if you’re looking for some help in choosing your frames, then look no further. Much like there are eye shadows and make up that enhance a womans’ eye colour you could try employing the same technique with your glasses, choosing either a complementary or coordinating color to make your lovely eyes stand out even more. It’s a... Read More


Facebook to Buy Whatsapp for $19 Billion

In today’s age of technology very few of us can avoid using mobiles, laptops or tablets and I am sure we all use and download many apps on a daily basis. You always know when you have stumbled across a great app as you tend to use it all the time and then everybody you know has it and it becomes part of your everyday. Now for those of you who have not heard of an app called ‘whatsapp’ this is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to... Read More


Read Optics reading glasses 2014

We are now well into the new year and after the stresses and strains of xmas and the no doubt, over-indulgence, it has come to that time of year where we tend to take stock of our stress levels, our finances and more importantly, our health. What new years resolutions did you make? And are you sticking to them or have fallen at the first hurdle? We know how hard it can be to tell yourself that you will start taking exercise and yet struggle to find the time amongst... Read More

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Our NEW January Competition

Feeling down? Fed up of the cold dark nights? Well, we at readoptics intend to cheer you up. Banish those blues and let’s make January all about happiness! We have launched our new years competition to WIN a Kindle Fire HD. Click the link to enter and sit back and imagine curling up on the sofa reading a good book on your new high definition kindle. Go on, put the kettle on!